I am Esther Louwerse, 23 years old and a real ´Brabander´. Living in a town called Best where the setting sun can be seen from vast meadows with loose cows. But Best is also a town where everyone thinks to know about you, the majority likes to distort the truth and where gossip seems to be number 1 on the entertainment list.

Writing, reading and music are three of my greatest passions, but they actually run synchronously with my passion for expression, discover and non-everyday things. Enjoy what live has to offer, enjoy the setbacks and especially enjoy all the people around you. Stop Stopping Yourself.

Who is Esther? Esther is a thinking doer, far too enthusiastic about the silliest and simplest things, in love with Munchkins despite her cat allergy, a Sundays child, does groceries in her sportwear and likes sambal on everything, but really everything. Oh! Self-mockery, sarcasm and self-reflection are important to me.