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When I was on my holiday in Austria last year and went to the DM it was like a world opened up to me. Brands, products and combinations that I’d never had seen or heard of before in the Netherlands. Of course there were many private labels te be found but some of the products did have some amazing prices! In the DM I came across the brand ‘Balea’ which can be compared here in the Netherlands with the Kruidvat label. Althought it is a fairly well-known brand in Germany and Austria, I had never heard of this brand before. And then I saw this chocolate shampoo! Who doesn’t like a chocolate shower experience?! When I was back home I immediately started using this shampoo so I could give you a honest opinion about this chocolate-experience. Is it just as nice to use in the shower as it smells?

The first thing that you experience when you open the package is the strong and intense smell of dark chocolate. Not a chemical chocolate smell but the smell of real, dark chocolate. Because the smell is so strong and the package shows a chocolate brown color, I expected a chocolate substance with the color of chocolate. I honestly have to say; this was a bit of a disappointment. The substance in the bottle turned out to be transparent and white showergel instead of a brown, chocolade substance.

When I think about a shower gel, I think about a lot of foam and this showergel fully met this expactation! Despite the fact that you have to ‘rub’ a lot to get the gel to foam, you only have to use a very little substance to create a good layer of foam. And this make the foam-shower-experience complete! The disappointment; the more foam you used the faster the chocolate smell seemed to disappear. The chocolate smell stayed the longest when the gel was on my body but when I wanted to foam up the substance, the chocolate smell disappeared almost immediately. It was not really a chocolate shower experience unfortunatelly.

Despite the fact that the showergel is disappointing in the chocolate experience that I expected. I’m not completely dissatisfied with the product. The chocolate scent sensation is very present when you open the bottle and when you apply the substance on your body. When the gel foams up it loses it’s smell almost immediately. If you are someone who does not care about foam during your shower-experience, then this product matches the chocolate-experience perfectly. I’m just a person who appreciates a foamy substance to complete my me-time so then the chocolate-experience is a bit disappointing. For only € 0,95 cents for 350 ml I certainly can’t complain and I’m very happy with the price/quality comparison of the product. I’m glad to have tried it at least once but it is not a product that I’m going to buy a second time. Would you like to try the chocolate experience yourself?