Once in a while I feel like going loose at vintage, DIY and urban markets. Unfortunately, I can hardly update my closet with unique handmade items. Until a few months ago I usually bought my clothes and jewelry in fast-fashion shops in Eindhoven. Only when I started following my minor in Tilburg a classmate of mine told me about the Swan Market in Tilburg.

My classmate showed me several pictures of previous editions and I was immediately excited for the next edition! Shortly after, I texted a friend of mine and I got her excited as well. This was probably because of my hysterical word choices and many pictures that I showed her. With our cameras in hand, a full wallet and many stalls to scavenge we went on a bargain hunt.

Watch your wallet because before you know it, you have bought all kinds of cute decorations and jewelry. When shopping for some gifts I caught myself adding them to my own collection. I especially found all items with appropriate quotes in different sizes super cool! When you walk around the market you get all kinds of ideas to give your room a makeover. I’m the type of person that immediately wants to work out an idea and immediately gathers (a.k.a. buys) the materials.

And finally, there were stalls with vintage and secondhand clothing. There were some great treasures! Unfortunately, secondhand clothing still has a negative feeling to it. Do you also get a weird taste with the word ‘secondhand’? Then I invite you to make a visit to the many secondhand clothing stalls. It’s just like you are walking around in brand-new stores and the quality of the clothes is nothing short of amazing. It didn’t smell old or funny and you can find clothing styles that you can’t get in the stores anymore. That is why I will always be a fan of vintage and secondhand clothes. A nice bonus; you motivate slow-fashion this way! In any case I am a fan of this market and my next trip is already underlined in my agenda!