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There a a number of things in my life that I want to do before I die. In the past, I thought those lists were stupid and useless. In my eyes, those ‘dreams’ will never be fully fulfilled. Many years later I’m very happy that I have a bucket list! In this way I always keep on dreaming and strive to keep getting better and better in developing myself. And that is not stupid and usesell at all!

1. Go dog sledding
Being alone with nature, the dogs and my thoughts. And that all-in the cold with a thick winter coat and scarf around my face. Wonderful.

2. Jump of an waterfall
It doesn’t sound that spectacular, but in some way I always love heights. It would be so amazing to jump off a waterfall! First you look down and then you literally see the height you will be traveling down in a few seconds. And once you are down, you feel invincible. Cool, right?!

3. Kissing my boyfriend in the London Eye
I have never brought my boyfriend to London. When I was 15, I once visited London for a couple of days, but I wasn’t able to enjoy the city much due to a tight schedule. I find London more romantic than Paris. I find the people, atmosphere and surroundings more atmospheric, cozier and more loving. I want to kiss my boyfriend in a city with this feeling. Overlooking a city that radiates everything I feel for my boyfriend.

4. Write a book
Books have always touched me and have had me think about certain situations. It is one of my dreams to write a book sometime. At this moment, my writing skills are not yet at the level where I can write texts that are nice, exciting and full of inspiration. Not that that is bad, but it makes the reaching of the goal even more exciting for me. You open up yourself and your thoughts for the entire world. Exciting, right?!

5. Keeping a dairy
I hope I will have children in the future and I hope I will be a mother that will support her children at all times. But to give my children a part of my youth, learning moments and experiences, I would like to keep a diary. I was able to read my mom’s diaries a couple of years ago. At the time, my mother was 20 years old and she wrote a lot about her experiences and her daily life. I recognized a lot and I got more recognition for my mother. In some way it is now easier to talk to her about situations.