One of my bestfriends, unfortunately, moved to Amsterdam. Since she moved to Amsterdam I try to visit her once  a month. I have a fulltime job and so does she. To plan a day off is very difficult! But when we meet eachother it is like we saw eachother the day before. In this blogpost I share with you the hotspots we visited that, really rainy, day!

We met early in the morning with a group of 3 female bloggers. Because it was so early we decided to meet in a little café at the Leidsegracht in Amsterdam. Seriously, I’m not a morning person when it comes to eating breakfast. I don’t have the time to eat a healthy meal or I don’t give myself the needed time to prep a breakfast meal. So this morning I wanted to begin the day with a healthy and delicious breakfast. As for a drink I orded a mix of juice from different fruits and I choose the mixed fruit with gluten free pancakes. Oh god. It tasted sooooo good!

It was a sad and rainy day. It didn’t rain for a whole week and on the day we planned to picknick in the park, it had to rain. A hughe disappointment. Our plans needed to change so we Googeled a few lists with things to do in Amsterdam. We found an indoor garden called: De Hortus. We went to the three indoor gardens and we even walked above the thousants of flowers, plants and trees. The view was magnificent and it felt like I had fallen into a bottle of Versace parfum. The smell was delicious, pure and unique. At the end we ended up in one of the butterfly greenhouses in the outdoor zone of the park. I haven’t seen so many butterflys in my life! They were all so tame and calm, I even touched some of the butterflys. Without a doubt I will definitely visit Hortus again! Even the little shop at the end of the museum was gorgeous!

Allright I confess. I’m completely, head-over-heals in love with this shop located at the Singel in Amsterdam; Anna+Nina. The shop window lured me in because of the minimalistic jewellery, golden home deco and unique presents. It was truly a treasure full of unique, golden and rosé pieces . I start in september with my new job as a marketing- and communication advisor and my first salary will be spended in this shop! Just look at the setting, scenery and the establishment of the shop. How could you not fall in love with this shop?!