The make-up trends of 2017 had a lot of misses but also many nice, gorgeous and skincare-friendly trends. The blackhead mask was by far the most famous mask of 2017 despite the enormous pain! The ‘matt trend of 2016’ was greatly enlarged in 2017 and a couple of famous beauty brands had released many matt eyeshadow pallets. I can talk hours about all the trends of 2017 that made my beauty-guru-heart melt but I’d rather show them to you then talk about it. In this blogpost I’m going to show you a couple of my favorite make-up items of the year 2017.


Eyeshadow palette – Anastasia Subculture
Everyone who often watches YouTube has seen videos from beauty vloggers and bloggers who made stunning eyelooks with the Subculture palette. A lot of attention was devoted to the palette when it was finally released and for sale in the beautyshops. But! The palette was a huge disappointment! The fall-out of the eyeshadows was easy to see and the colors didn’t stick on the eyelid. Despite the negativity around this palette, I’m still in love with the color combinations and the mix of glitter and matt. Subculture has contributed to the fact that the latest palette of Anastasia, Prism, has been received so well in the world of beauty. Anastasia is still No1 for me in making glitter & matt combination, eyeshadow palettes.

Primer Water – Photo Finish Smashbox
Also the word ‘primer’ was very popular in 2017. A lot of primers were released but my No1 favorite of 2017 is the Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox. Many primers have silicone in them which makes my skin oily and because of this my make-up will shine too much. This primer makes my face completely smooth, absorbs quickly and even after a quick work-out, my make-up was not damaged at all! This No1 primer is therefore a top beauty product from 2017 for me. One that I definitely take with me in 2018.

Liquid Lipsticks – Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks gets a big thumbs up for the different color shades! The most usable point about this liquid lipstick line is that the colors are buildable and can also be matched with eachother. So I combined BOW N ARROW with LOLITA for a natural color overflow. The lasting of these liquid lipsticks on my lips were not that long unfortunatelly. After 3 hours the colors could not longer be seen on my lips. I have to say, I didn’t mind because of the matt intensity of the liquid lipsticks which are truly incredible. The color combinations and the matt intensity of the lipsticks make this line from Kate Von Do a true musthave of 2017. I think that we will see much more liquid lipsticks in 2018 of higher quality but I’m very curious if they will have the same coverage as these liquid lipsticks.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Yeah, really. In 2017 we had a cream especially for our ‘Bum -Bum’. And one that smells unusually nice like banana, vanilla and the beach. Honestly, the cream was not only used to lift our beautiful butts but was, at least by me, also used to lift my cheeks. Although the price did not allow me to buy several pots, I gladly rubbed my ‘Bum-Bum’, cheeks and neck with this creme. The best thing about this product were the efficiency of the ingredients that are included in the product. You felt that the smeared areas were lifted in a natural and glowy way. I will not leave this cream in 2017!

Liquid Lipsticks – Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick
From an artist that is just as stunning and extrovert as his products! Jeffrey Star. The texture of the lipsticks are very thin comparing to the coverage that shows up when you apply the lipstick. What I like about the lipsticks is that you don’t have to wait until the lipstick is completely dried up. You are good to go within 20 seconds! And the colors are stunning, matt and fabulous. Just like Jeffrey Star himself. Comparing to the Kat Vond D liquid lipsticks, these lipsticks have a finer an thinner texture that dries quickly but doesn’t lose his coverage. Because of this, I think, the product doesn’t dry out and stays super long on your lips! And they are affortable for your budget! The whole Jeffrey Star make-up trend will go on in 2018 but these lipsticks were the No1 discussed liquid lipstick line of 2017!

Do you agree with this list? What are your top make-up products of 2017? Share them in the comments!