I have an enormous amount of clothes and accessories.... I noticed this (again) last weekend when I was picking out clothes for my weekend with friends. The event is only three days but I took clothes, make-up and accessories for a whole week! I just couldn't decide. While I was picking these clothes and accessories I figured that it was time to have a big cleanup. Not only my clothing racks but also in all the hidden corners of my room. Because here you can find all kinds of handbags and accessories. I have some doubt with some items, throw away or not?! You know what, I will let you decide! I can't make a decision. Like this Bohemian bag. It is collecting dust in one of those hidden corners but I am…

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When I go to the city with my friend, we always do a quick visit to Primark. Normally I skip the make-up department because I have loads of make-up, but this time I couldn't help it *ahum*. My beauty case broke and because I only have a student budget, I wanted to get a cheaper one. On my way to the register I passed this Glow on, Kit! The packaging already made me happy! Especially because the packaging is so beautifully designed and I have a weakness for that. For only €9.- I just had to have it. Everything that I use on a daily basis is in this kit: highlighters, concealer, beauty blender and a make-up brush. For €9.- it is not expensive, but is the quality a bad buy or a best…



Strolling through the small streets of Madeira looking for small shops, cute houses and stores you don't come across in Holland. That's what the day looked like when I found and bought this gem of a denim jacket. However, I didn't find this jacket in one of the local shops, but just through the familiar way; Bershka. It was NEAR a super beautiful clothing shop. I never had an oversized denim jacket, because it is totally not my style. At least that’s what I thought, so with that thought in mind I watched myself in the fitting room mirror. But when I tried on the jacket, it looked very cool! The changing of color on the jacket, the silver buttons, the wide fit and of course the back. And how awesome is that! When…



The alarm went off pretty early, getting up at 01:00 and departure from Schiphol at 07:00. But all with a nice prospect! Our summer vacation was about to begin. This year the adventure would take us to Madeira, Funchal to be exact. For those who don't know where Madeira is, it's a small island (twice the size of Utrecht) just above the Canary Islands. The island belongs to Portugal and Lisbon is an hour's flight from the capital Funchal. Madeira is also known as the flower island of Europe. Because of the super beautiful flowers, fairytale-like parks and colorful streets, you immediately feel welcome on the island. The island is less popular amongst teenagers and young adults. Actually, the travel agency told us that Madeira was a 'grey-heads-island'. 'Are you really sure "you" want…



Summer in Holland. You would think that I am laying in the garden with my bikini on. Unfortunately that is not the case. Instead of tanning my skin, I have to cover myself. This because summer in Holland means rain! And also on this day I had to put on some warm clothes because it is raining, again. The stores are full with cute shorts, dresses and skirts. Of course, I couldn't  pass these by without buying them. But a cute rain-proof outfit with a summery touch can't be forgotten. So this pastel colored outfit went home with me. I'm happy, because I can bring a bit of summer feeling to my wardrobe, but my wallet rather would have spent money on some summer dresses and skirts. Oh well, we will have to go back to the city. Which of course…



Some time ago I went to Eindhoven, together with a friend, for a nice day of shopping. Before ending up at Primark, we went shopping at KIKO and Kruidvat. I had seen some make-up products earlier and regretted not buying them then. The HI-BROW EXPERT eyebrow kit from KIKO is one of those products. In this post I will review this kit and show you how I use it on my eyebrows. (more…)



Recently I went out shopping for a few new make-up essentials, but I couldn't resist the Primark that was located on the other side of the street. Oh, and I did buy some make-up products and I will review them in a short time, so stay tuned! Back to Primark, where I bought this perfect fitting denim jacket. I combined it with my black denim and my fave brown bag. (more…)


Grey and Denim

A few weeks back I was on a shopping trip with my boyfriend. I was in the shopping mood and I just needed to buy something. And that was exactly what I did. But instead of buying one piece, I bought 4 pieces. Oh and shoes as a extra treat for myself. (more…)


Back to the 70’s

Maybe some of you disagree with me. But I love the 70's trend that is going on right now. The prints and the shoes are a few aspects from my addiction. And these pants are just amazing. They fits perfectly with my legs and they fit tight on my ankles. (more…)


Introducing; Body Wrap

Deze week heb ik een primeur voor jullie. Ik heb namelijk een body-wrap gehad! Ik had hier nog niet eerder van gehoord. In deze post neem ik jullie mee in de behandeling en leg ik stap voor stap uit wat deze wrap met je doet en hoe deze wordt uitgevoerd.  Enjoy! Voor je begint is het verstandig om een warme, hete douche te nemen, zodat de huid al goed voorverwarmd is. Dit is beter voor de doorbloeding. De allereerste stap was om mijn buik in te smeren met een scrub. Met gebruik van het handschoentje kon de scrub goed intrekken en voelde mijn huid baby zacht aan. Dit scrubben moest ik doen tot dat mijn huid rood zag. Dit betekende namelijk dat mijn bloedsomloop goed genoeg was om door te gaan met de volgende…